Get Involved

"I can guarantee that positive things aren't going to happen if I don't do the work." - Drew Carhart

Want to make a difference? Here are a few causes that need your support.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones first

There’s no shame in hard times, and there are people nearby who want to help. A couple of excellent resources for American listeners are local United Way chapters and Aunt Bertha.

Do you know of similar services in other countries? Please share.

You could do anything, but you have to start with something

Please note that, even if the groups or individuals below operate outside of your area, they are still excellent sources for info and inspiration, and they would love to talk with you. Be sure to mention that you learned about them on the Plural of You.

Business / Finance / Labor

Art / Community / Culture


Environment / Public Space

A few of the organizations featured so far on Plural of You.
A few of the organizations featured so far on the Plural of You.

Food / Health


Law / Justice

Poverty Alleviation