36 Podcasts To Listen To In 2016

36 Podcasts To Listen To In 2016

Whether you’re looking for a few new podcasts to listen to or you’re just getting started as a podcast listener, here are thirty-six podcasts to check out.

If you’re new to podcasts, here’s a general range of shows to start with.

Starter list of podcasts to listen to
  1. 99% Invisible: Popular podcast on how human-made objects come to be.
  2. Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People: Deep chats with strangers.
  3. Congressional Dish: Well-researched secrets of the US Congress.
  4. Futility Closet: Forgotten stories from history.
  5. Imaginary Worlds: Backstories on the worlds of science fiction.
  6. Lambo Goal: Business-oriented podcast about setting big goals.
  7. Life of the Law: In-depth stories on the law and its effects.
  8. Myths and Legends: Myths and folklore told in present-day sense.
  9. On Being: Chats with experts about big questions.
  10. The One You Feed: Chats on creating a life worth living.
  11. Radiolab: Popular podcast investigating deep stories and ideas.
  12. You Are Not So Smart: Research on how the mind works, focusing on bias.

Want to balance your view of humanity? Try these podcasts.

Podcasts to balance your view of humanity
  1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin: Advice on happiness and good habits.
  2. HeroicStories: Examples of people being good to one another.
  3. Home of the Brave: Slice-of-life stories from around the world.
  4. How Do We Fix It?: Solutions for problems we all face.
  5. Humankind: Stories of people making the world more humane.
  6. Kind World: Stories of profound kindness. From WBUR in Boston.
  7. The Positive Impact Podcast: Chats with people making positive impacts.
  8. Sounds Good with Branden Harvey: Chats with happy people.
  9. StoryCorps: Interactive stories of humanity. As featured on NPR.
  10. Strangers: True stories about the people we meet.
  11. Us & Them: Stories from the fault lines that separate Americans.
  12. The Wisest: An audio search for the wisest person alive.

Support these podcasts whose hosts have been kind to The Plural of You.

Podcast friends of The Plural of You
  1. Awful Grace: Stories of people making the best of awful situations.
  2. Everyday Superhumans: Chats with extraordinary people in Louisiana.
  3. HumanCurrent: Chats with experts about complexity. I was a previous guest.
  4. The Looncast: A podcast of existential wonder.
  5. RED Podcast: The marketing podcast for influencers.
  6. Robot Overlordz: A podcast about the future.
  7. Scene on Radio: Explores the human experience of American society.
  8. Stride & Saunter: Genuine, thoughtful chats on a range of topics.
  9. This Is Berkeley: Chats with interesting people in Berkeley, California.
  10. Trees Are Key: All about trees,their care, and benefits. See also POY 23.
  11. Unwonk: A fun podcast responding to legal questions.
  12. Van Sounds: Well-produced travel podcast.

Other friends (mentioned above): Humankind, Kind World, Myths and Legends, Us & Them, The Wisest

Here are five ways you can help the podcasts you like.

Remember: Good podcasts require time, skill, and investment to create. When you’ve found a good one, please consider returning the value in these five ways.

  1. Tell someone else. Spreading the word about your favorite podcasts can help them grow, and podcasts can give you a means to bond with other people.
  2. Subscribe. Listening through podcasts’ websites is fine, but subscribing to a podcast shows developers and other listeners what you’re paying attention to. Think of your +1 to a podcast as a vote in its favor.
  3. Leave a review. Similar to subscriptions, reviews in iTunes and other apps help a podcast get noticed. Reviews are also direct lines to hosts and can persuade other listeners.
  4. Contribute financially. Most podcasts are free, but they aren’t free to produce. If a host asks for donations, sells products, or runs ads, chip in or try their sponsors. Even USD$1 will help keep it going.
  5. Contact the hosts. Podcasting can seem like talking into a void. Responding to a topic of discussion or even saying hello can be a huge motivator for hosts. Ask questions, share your thoughts, or simply say thank you.

In closing

I hope you’ve found a few new podcasts to listen to. Do you have any favorites that aren’t on this list? Let me know!