54 Best Subreddits for Good News

Tough week? If the news lately has you down, this list of 54 subreddits can balance your outlook on world events.

Tough week? If the news lately has you down, this list of 54 subreddits can balance your outlook on world events.

Like many social media sites, Reddit has struggled to contain the Internet’s sometimes toxic culture. Although the site has a history of hosting aggressive, sometimes hateful or exploitative users, I’ve found it unfair to characterize the entire site that way. If you know where to look, Reddit can also be a rewarding and enriching place.

With that in mind, I created a multireddit list with subs I’ve found to be uplifting, inspiring, and otherwise disruptive to the negativity often surrounding us. Click here to access the pluralofyou multireddit. (Works best with a Reddit account.)

If you’re looking to diversify your news intake, I would recommend many of the sources that show up frequently in this feed. Please note that most content should be pleasant, apolitical, and safe for work, but I have no control over what Reddit’s users may submit.

Which subreddits made the list

I’ve listed each subreddit below in case you’d like to browse them individually. You’ll notice I included many related to animals, keeping in line with the emotional benefits of cat videos and other animal media.

  1. /r/AccomplishedToday — Redditors sharing personal good news.
  2. /r/AnimalsBeingBros — Animals being nice.
  3. /r/BeforeNAfterAdoption — Results of loving animal adoption.
  4. /r/BeNiceToPeople — Highlights people being nice.
  5. /r/BigFeats — Young people doing astounding things.
  6. /r/Bloopers — Outtakes to make you laugh.
  7. /r/Compassion — All about practicing compassion.
  8. /r/ContagiousLaughter — Examples of laughter spreading.
  9. /r/Cute — All things cute.
  10. /r/DecidingToBeBetter — Self-improvement and goodness.
  11. /r/ExamplesOfGood — People or animals being kind.
  12. /r/Eyebleach — Mostly cute animals.
  13. /r/FaithInHumanity — Examples of kindness.
  14. /r/Feelgood — Examples of kindness.
  15. /r/FeelsLikeTheFirstTime — People’s or animals’ first experiences.
  16. /r/GetDisciplined — All about self-discipline.
  17. /r/GetMotivated — All about motivation.
  18. /r/GetWell — Send cards to or request cards for sick loved ones.
  19. /r/Good_Cop_Free_Donut — Good stories about law enforcement.
  20. /r/GoodFeelings — Redditors share good feelings.
  21. /r/GoodNews — Positive news stories.
  22. /r/GoodNewsEveryone — Positive news stories, as well.
  23. /r/Gratitude — All about practicing gratitude.
  24. /r/Happy — Redditors share happy moments.
  25. /r/HappyCrowds — Examples of joyful or engaged crowds.
  26. /r/Helpit — For volunteering and helping others.
  27. /r/Humanize — Breaking our stereotypes.
  28. /r/HumansBeingBros — Humans being nice.
  29. /r/Inspiration — Mental stimulation.
  30. /r/InspirationalMoments — Collection of inspiring events.
  31. /r/LikeUs — Proof that animals are like humans.
  32. /r/MadeMeSmile — Things to brighten your day.
  33. /r/Mindfulness — All about improving awareness and control.
  34. /r/MoodBoost — Positive stimulation.
  35. /r/Optimism — Making the best of life.
  36. /r/PalateCleanser — Encouraging happy thoughts.
  37. /r/Peace — About achieving and maintaining peace.
  38. /r/Positive_News — Positive news stories.
  39. /r/PositivePsychology — The branch of psychology focused on fulfillment.
  40. /r/Positivity — Positive and uplifting stories.
  41. /r/QuotePorn — Insightful quotes (that are safe for work).
  42. /r/RealHeroes — Stories of kind, courageous people.
  43. /r/RespectPorn — Examples of good manners (that are safe for work).
  44. /r/SocialCitizens — World-changing projects and people.
  45. /r/SurpriseAppearances — Happy or positively shocked surprises.
  46. /r/ThankYou — Redditors thanking strangers for their kindness.
  47. /r/TheChurchOfRogers – Celebrating the legacy of Mister Rogers.
  48. /r/TodayYouTomorrowMe — Based on this touching Reddit post.
  49. /r/TVCrackups — Actors and actresses breaking character.
  50. /r/UnitedWeStand — Toward greater unity and cooperation.
  51. /r/UpliftingNews — The top Reddit sub for positive news.
  52. /r/WherePeopleCare — Stories of people helping others.
  53. /r/WholesomeMemes — If you like your memes positive.
  54. /r/ZenHabits — Wisdom for happiness and self-improvement.

Did I miss any? Other suggestions? Please let me know.

(Image credit: An alternate version of the Reddit logo by /u/KingsleyZissou.)