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"Let's learn how to be better together."

The Plural of You is a podcast and blog that honors the helpers in the world around us. It also features advice on how we can all choose to help one another.

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How can I help?

  • Do your part. Society breaks down when we give up on our problems. Visit the Get Involved page and find something you care about.
  • Share The Plural of You. Ever heard of dialogue journalism? What about the researcher promoting compassion in our workplaces or the artist who makes sculptures of hugs? Tell someone!
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Who’s behind this?

Photo of Josh Morgan

My name is Josh Morgan. My mission is to help you find causes to get involved with, especially if you want to make a difference but need a little guidance first.

I’m also a data analyst and applied sociologist who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. I earned a Master’s degree in Sociology from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, and my research has been featured at the organizations below. I’m happily married, have two spoiled cats, and produce The Plural of You in my spare time.


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