About The Plural of You

The Plural of You is a monthly podcast that honors the helpers in the world around us, mostly from the United States. It also features advice on how we can better help one another. The project has been active off and on since November 2014.

Where should I start?

Browse the playlist, find a topic you like, and press Play. There’s a list of most downloaded episodes if you’re interested. You can also search for topics if you’d like—we’ve covered a lot!

Who’s behind this?

My name is Josh Morgan. My mission is to meet as many kind, helpful people as I can and introduce you to them. I’m also a data analyst, applied sociologist, and occasional writer who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. I produce The Plural of You in my spare time.

The podcast is on Instagram @pluralofyou if you’d like to connect or say hello. 😊


  • Thanks to Aviscerall for the podcast’s theme music, based on his song “Hiiiiii”. Used with the artist’s permission. Hear more on his Spotify profile.
  • Thanks to Golden Fable for the stinger at the end of each episode. The sound comes from their song “The Golden Hour”. Used with the artists’ permission. Hear more on their Spotify profile.