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Articles and observations (mostly) related to trust, compassion, and community, or to The Plural of You.

“Learning to Trust Again” in Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest asked Josh to write a feature on social trust for their June 2018 issue. Click here to read it. (more…)

Breaking Silence: How to Achieve Social Change Through Podcasting

I presented a talk at DC PodFest 2017 about creating social change through podcasting. See my recap to start producing your own socially empowering podcast. (more…)

Here’s how to say no and still be a kind person

This is a story about the difference between kindness and submissiveness, and learning the hard way how to say no. (more…)

A Touching Moment for The Plural of You in 2016

Photo of Santa and child, via Christmas Tree Santas

I had many great moments in 2016, but I’m humbled to have helped one listener bring Christmas Tree Santas to Austin, Texas. (more…)

54 Best Subreddits for Good News

An alternate version of the Reddit logo (Source: /u/KingsleyZissou)

Tough week? If the news lately has you down, this list of 54 subreddits can balance your outlook on world events. (more…)

How The Plural of You Came Together

Logo for The Plural of You

The Plural of You originated in 2013 and launched as a podcast in 2014. This is the story of the factors that brought it to life.


36 Podcasts To Listen To In 2016

36 Podcasts To Listen To In 2016

Whether you’re looking for a few new podcasts to listen to or you’re just getting started as a podcast listener, here are thirty-six podcasts to check out.