Documenting the “Wounded Healers” – David Freudberg (POY 47)

Documenting the "Wounded Healers" - David Freudberg (POY 47)

David Freudberg made his career documenting America’s caregivers for public radio. Josh talks with him about why and asks how he copes with negativity.

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About David and Human Media

David Freudberg is the Executive Producer at Human Media, a media production company that aims to “serve the large and growing audience of people who seek a positive alternative to media negativity and exploitation”. You’ve probably heard David’s work since you’re listening to this podcast. He’s produced documentaries and stories for NPR and other radio outlets since 1971. He’s also the host of the podcast and radio program Humankind, which has been in production for over twenty years.

As he would put it, David has labored to address—and call forth—the highest part of people.

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