Take Care of Yourself and Those Closest to You

Each of us must make peace with our own health and happiness before we can help others. Here are six simple but powerful solutions to get started.

1. Overcome your fears and anxieties.

Animated quote from Yisroel Roll (POY 34).

We all struggle with self-confidence issues from time to time. I ask psychotherapist Yisroel Roll how we can let go of what we can’t control and learn to steel ourselves against life’s troubles.

What you can do: Visit this page to learn about two of Yisroel’s therapy exercises. You can also contact Yisroel for more guidance.

2. Don’t forget about your loved ones.

Animated quote from Kevin Lasher (POY 34).

My talk with private-duty nurse Kevin Lasher is tucked away in POY 14, but it’s one of my favorites. He works with high-need, less mobile patients who are prone to neglect. Kevin’s plea is for you to remember relatives and friends who you may not see as often. Most would be glad to hear from you.

What you can do: Kevin’s advice can apply to any acquaintance, no matter their health status. If you haven’t heard from someone you care about in a while, stop reading this and contact them. Start doing so regularly—create a recurring event on your calendar if you have to.

3. Be considerate to those you cross paths with.

Animated quote from Ty Oswald (POY 22).

Ty Oswald founded the veteran support group BeArded WARRIORs after a lonely journey with PTSD. He recommends asking people how they’re doing, listening and showing concern, or simply smiling as they pass. These small acknowledgments could be what those closest to us need to keep fighting.

What you can do: For inspiration on how to feel more empathy and kindness, subscribe to The Plural of You or visit our Resources page. Remember: you don’t have to be a pushover to be kind.

4. Spread compassion where you work.

Animated quote from Monica Worline (POY 38).

Most of us share a third of our lives with coworkers. Compassion researcher Monica Worline has found how we can cultivate warm relationships with them.

What you can do: Visit this page for tips from my talk with Monica. Be sure to check out the book she co-authored, Awakening Compassion at Work, which is a manual on how to create a more compassionate culture at work.

5. Make good sleep a priority.

Animated quote from Keith Cushner (POY 41).

We can forget to take care of our bodies in our busyness. Proper self-care includes good, consistent sleep, so I talk with Tuck.com founder Keith Cushner. He shares how to improve our sleep habits and how to help others do the same.

What you can do: Visit this page for tips on how to improve your sleep habits. Keith emphasizes going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning. Tuck.com has much more information.

6. Search for the help you need.

Animated quote from Aunt Bertha (POY 29).

Aunt Bertha allows Americans to search for service they need by ZIP code. I talk with the company’s (former) Director of Community Outreach, Selina Sosa, about the site.

What you can do: Share AuntBertha.com with someone you know who could use a hand, or try it out yourself.

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