Man and girl forming bubbles. Photo by Kyle Mercury. Used with permission.

Looking for kinder, more compassionate sources of information? Here are books, podcasts, and websites that will reinspire your relationship with humanity.


Books to balance your view of humanity
  • 100 Under $100: One-hundred effective, low-cost solutions for helping women out of poverty. Beautiful book. I spoke with author Betsy Teutsch on POY 24.
  • Altruism: An overview of the opportunities and limitations found in our “selfless” behaviors.
  • Awakening Compassion at Work: Instructs readers on how to make their workplaces more humane. I spoke with co-author Monica Worline on POY 38.
  • Chasing the Scream: A sobering plea to reconsider the War on Drugs and the people it harms. One of the best books I’ve ever read.
  • Doing Good Better: How each of us can optimize our efforts to make the world better.
  • The Fire This Time: A collection of essays and poems on race from some of the most important voices of our time.
  • The Great Good Place: Community is created in places where we hang out with others, separate from home or work. Here’s why we should preserve them.
  • The Neighborhood Playbook: Modern society is fragmented. Here’s a manual on how to rebuild our communities. I spoke with co-authors Kevin Wright and Joe Nickol on POY 40.
  • Our Kids: Stories and data on how Americans are losing opportunities for upward mobility. A must-read.
  • Race: Studs Terkel’s narrative history on how black and white Americans view race. Full of unique first-person stories.
  • Tattoos on the Heart: A look at how our lives could be if we embraced unconditional love for one another. A touching read.
  • The World According to Mister Rogers: Bits of wisdom from one of America’s foremost role models for social grace.


Podcasts to balance your view of humanity


Websites to balance your view of humanity