[The Best Kind] Feeding Baltimore’s Flock – Jacque Gutman (TBK 06)

Jacque Gutman directs a food pantry in Baltimore’s Hamilton neighborhood. Listen as she shares her heart for feeding those in need.


Running a food pantry takes a lot more than asking for donations and then distributing them. It takes a lot of hustle, a lot of paperwork, and some relationship-building to sustain it all. That’s something those of us in need don’t have the time or the resources to do.

That’s where someone like Jacque Gutman comes in.

Jacque directs a team of volunteers at the Feeding the Flock Food Pantry. They operate out of the Church of the Messiah in Northeast Baltimore’s Hamilton neighborhood. She and her team have become a trusted resource for many food-insecure households in the Baltimore area, especially during the COVID pandemic. That can be a lot of pressure. She does a good job of not only caring for other people but for taking care of her own needs, too.

You can hear our conversation on the latest episode of The Best Kind. I learned a lot talking with Jacque, especially the pros and cons of joining larger networks compared to staying small. We’re on YouTube…

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00:00 About the Show
01:49 Introducing Jacque
06:53 Jacque’s Early Years
16:59 Jacque Finds Her Role
30:02 The Nature of Jacque’s Work
40:08 Jacque Gives Her Flowers
46:08 Conclusion

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