[The Best Kind] Helping Baltimoreans Return Home From Prison – Dawna Cobb (TBK 04)

Dawna Cobb co-founded Return Home Baltimore to help the formerly incarcerated find what they need and restart their lives after prison.


Imagine if you were separated from almost everything that made your life “good”, like your family, your friends, and your home. Worse, your ability to support yourself would probably be compromised in the process.

How would you get those things back—or maybe even discover a better life for the first time?

Despite their offenses, people often face similar struggles when they leave prison. Relatively little is said in the discourse on crime in Baltimore about how to help these “returning citizens” stay out of the criminal justice system. In reality, it can be hard for them to find people without biases who will help them build “good” lives. Some resources are available but, historically speaking, accessing them has been easier said than done.

A longtime Maryland attorney named Dawna Cobb wants to connect Baltimore’s returning citizens to the resources they need on the outside: things like food, housing, education, and so on. In this month’s episode of The Best Kind, I talk with her about Return Home Baltimore, an organization she co-founded to bring information for returning citizens onto one easy-to-use website.

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:09:15 Dawna’s Early Years
0:20:07 About “Returning Citizens”
0:28:20 Return Home Baltimore
0:43:18 More on Returning Citizens & RHB
0:52:52 Dawna Gives Her Flowers
0:57:10 Conclusion