[The Best Kind] The Baltimore Furniture Bank: Furnishing the Future – Damien Haussling (TBK 01)

Damien Haussling escaped homelessness and, thanks to support from others, co-founded the Baltimore Furniture Bank to help people like him.


Have you ever moved into a new place and had no furniture to sit on or sleep on? We often take having somewhere to relax or rest our heads for granted. Worse still, have you ever been at a point with no place to call your own?

In the first episode of The Best Kind, I talk with Damien Haussling (“HOUSE-ling”). He co-founded the Baltimore Furniture Bank with some friends a few years ago. They’re now distributing furniture to low-income households and families who have escaped homelessness in the Baltimore area.

I talk with Damien about his own experience with homelessness, how he recovered, and how you can support the first furniture bank of its kind in Baltimore. Our chat is on YouTube…

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Chapter Markers

  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:01:58 About the Show & Damien
  • 0:13:19 Damien’s Story
  • 0:41:07 Baltimore Furniture Bank
  • 0:58:22 How You Can Get Involved
  • 1:05:40 Damien Gives His Flowers
  • 1:12:38 Conclusion