[The Best Kind] Having the Confidence to Encourage Others – Dr. Rudy Ruiz (TBK 03)

Dr. Rudy Ruiz helps young adults get ready for adulthood in Baltimore and beyond. Learn why he’s devoted his life to encouraging others.


Rudy Ruiz grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Milwaukee. He explains that, although his childhood was often difficult because of his family’s finances, it taught him to appreciate the little things, especially people. He credits his family, the sport of wrestling, his coaches, and one special teacher for instilling him with discipline and teamwork during that time.

Today, Rudy has become a national thought-leader in education and workforce development. He succeeded in the kind of environment that too often stifles young adults. Now he’s working to give a hand up to as many of them across the country as possible, especially in Baltimore.

Rudy is one of my role models in our city, and he helped me get my start here. In this month’s episode of The Best Kind, I talk with him about his journey. He shares his background, what motivates him, and who inspired him to be the person he is today. The episode is on YouTube…

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Chapter Markers

  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:01:45 About Rudy
  • 0:08:18 Two Things I Admire About Rudy
  • 0:12:21 Rudy’s Background
  • 0:24:36 Rudy Arrives in Baltimore
  • 0:37:51 Rudy’s Motivations
  • 0:56:45 Rudy Gives His Flowers
  • 01:02:26 Conclusion
  • Follow Rudy on Twitter @RudyRuiz_MD_Ed.
  • Follow Rudy on LinkedIn @rudyruiz2.
  • Check out Edifying Teachers, a community where teachers of color can connect, find resources, and seek support in their careers.
  • Rudy is the Board Chair for Beat the Streets Baltimore, a nonprofit organization that encourages Baltimore youth to participate in wrestling. They’ve received accreditation from the national Beat the Streets network, and they were featured in an article from The Washington Post.
  • Rudy mentioned Lee Kemp, a successful amateur wrestler, as one of his role models. Lee has written a book, and there is a documentary about Lee’s life. Unfortunately, the link Rudy mentioned for the “Wrestle for Peace” summit was no longer available.


THEME MUSIC: “Hiiiiii” by Aviscerall. Used with permission. (Aviscerall’s Spotify profile)